Lawn Care is For Lovers: Five Ways Yard Work Can Strengthen Your Relationship


Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday on the calendar devoted to romantic love. On Valentine’s Day, we engage in romantic activity in order to strengthen our relationships. Would you believe that one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship is lawn care?


In a research poll conducted by Pew Research in 2007, it was discovered that couples who shared chores, including outdoor chores like mowing the lawn, were happier in their relationships and stayed together longer than couples who divided chores unevenly. Ambiguity in who was responsible for what was found to cause tension in relationships. In particular, it was found that women in relationships where chores were divided evenly were much happier than women who did more household chores.


Here are five ways you can divvy up yard and garden chores to help build a stronger relationship:


  • Create a chore calendar. Remember to divide chores evenly and make sure you know who is responsible for what. Create an outdoor chore calendar that delineates who will work on what when.
  • Get two lawn mowers. Want to cut down on the time you spend mowing your lawn and create an activity you and your loved one can do together? Buy his and hers lawn mowers and make mowing the lawn something you can do together.
  • Attack the garden as a pair. Lay down soil, plant seeds, and when the time comes, pick the fruits (or vegetables) of your labors. Gardening is an activity that really benefits from a tag team effort.
  • Build something together. Each year, pick one big project, something that requires a little building, to work on together. Maybe this year, you’re going to set up trellises. Maybe next year, you’ll lay down a stone walkway through your flower garden. Building something together is a great way to grow closer to each other.
  • Plant a tree. Plant a sapling. Once it’s in the ground, take a picture of you and your partner next to it. Each Valentine’s Day, take a new picture of the two of you with the tree. Put the pictures together in a frame, and you will see how the two of you, like the tree, have grown and changed over time.


It’s good in any relationship to be on the same page, to share the load, to have goals in common. Lawn care, if you’ll let it, can be a great way to get even closer to the one you love.