The True Cost of Ownership: Gas Versus Electric Lawnmowers


When you decide to invest in a lawnmower, one of the first things you are going to think about is the cost. Of course there’s the price tag but, in addition, how much will it cost to fuel or power the mower through the summer? What about oil changes? Spark plugs?  Oil and air filters? Other maintenance?


Beyond all that, there are two more types of “costs” to think about–convenience and your peace of mind. Here are some things to take into account:


Getting Started. How easy is it to start the mower? If you’re going with a gas model, you first need to make sure you have gas Then getting that mower started with a pull cord can be a challenge. Compare this process to a battery-powered mower like the EGO Power+ Mower, where you just push a button and go.


Noise. Lawn mowers can be noisy. We’ve talked about decibel levels before. For the health of your eardrums and your neighbors’ eardrums, an electric or battery powered mower will run quieter than a gas mower.


The Environment. We all want to do our part to keep the environment clean and healthy. Gas mowers release smelly exhaust. Also, gas and oil can spill in your yard or garage when you refuel the mower. Battery-powered mowers do not have this problem.


End-of-Season Maintenance.  To protect the engine in a gas mower, you’ll need to drain all the fuel or add a stabilizer before you store if for the winter. Forget to do this and you may find a clogged carburetor waiting for you come spring. Consumer Reports and other reputable sources also recommend changing the oil in gas powered mowers at the end of the cutting season.


Storage. The average lawnmower takes up lots of space in a garage or tool shed. Some mowers, however, fold up and can be stood on end, allowing easy storage and more efficient use of precious storage space.


When you decide to buy a new lawnmower, remember to think beyond your wallet. Under the right circumstances, mowing the lawn can be relaxing, or even fun. Make sure you take into account what the overall experience will be, from the time you start the mower up to the moment it goes back into the garage.


To get even more facts about gas versus electric mowers, check out this infographic.